How to get a foolproof present for your stronger half

If you feel lost and desperate just weeks before Christmas. If you don’t really know what to buy your significant other. If you are like me and really like gifting usable presents. Then, my dear ladies, I want to show you my list of ideas that work every time! Work around his interests and your budget. The gift would be definitely appreciated.

First the no-nos. If you are on a budget never aim for bulky items. It is much better to get one small good quality item than a big lousy present.

  1. A ski jacket

ski jacketDoes he love the slopes. If he is a ski/snowboard kind of guy, he most surely would appreciate a quality ski jacket. Spend your hard earned money on fully waterproof, quality jacket. Again, note his size before you order.

  1. Get him a pair of sport shoes

If he spends a lot of time in the gym or on his feet. There is nothing better than such a thoughtful gift as a good pair of sneakers. By this time you should know what his favorite sports is as there are dedicated shoes for the different sports and he cannot really go the basketball with soccer cleats. Just get him a pair of high quality sports shoes like these. Secretly check what his shoes size is and order accordingly. And if he is a basketball player NEVER comment on his shoes size early on your relationship. The topic might be sensitive

  1. Sports cologne

Although choosing fragrance may be a bit tricky. However, going for a good sports cologne does not have to costs you hundreds of bucks, just go for a crisp, clean smell that you’ll crave.

  1. Belt and a matching wallet

beltOr just one of these if your budgets does not allow for both items. Men appreciate these items and really use them. Go for standard black or brownish color. Nothing sparkling, aim for classic look.

  1. Massage Gift Card

I am yet to meet a man who would refuse spending a full hour in heaven.. hmm massage salon. I know that you’ll really appreciate it too, so get one for yourself as well so you can share the experience with him.

  1. Dress shirt

Don’t scream ‘NO WAY’. This is one of my ‘last resort gifts’. A men can never have too many good dress shirts. Note what kind he prefers, note the size (always note his size) and you are good to go shopping.

  1. Sweater

But not the boring Christmas sweater, I beg you. Get a cotton/or wool/ smart looking sweater. You can choose between a V-neck and O- neck. Never go for a turtle neck or polo style sweaters. Many people hate having that neck style and you risk him never really wearing the sweater.

Well, that should be enough to get you covered. All of those are tried and tested a number of times and work like a charm every time. Don’t forget that holidays are to enjoy the presence of your family and friends and not so much about the presents. Just enjoy your holidays as Dean Martin sings – Let it snow..

If you are still unsure and cannot decide, please remember that the most important thing on holidays is just to spend quality time together. This is the best present of all. Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the holidays.